Piroshka fashion

Folkore fashion for the urban red-riding-hoods

In Piroshka, past and future, tradition and modernization, regionalism and globalism fusions into one entity. Under her hands, the repertoire of traditional hungarian folk art and costumes becomes alive and can become fashion.

Piroshka is a Berlin and Budapest based fashion brand.
The inspiration for her women’s collections come from hungarian folklore heritage and their neighbour cultures and fusions in an unique own eclectic aesthetic. The designer herself has two hearts and minds, since she was born in Berlin, but partly spent her childhood in Hungary. Since than her hungarian heritage fascinated her in a romantic and sentimental way, while living and growing up in the multicultural and vibrating metropol of East Berlin.
In Piroshka the designer found a way to reflect and treat, what she calls, her cultural schizophrenia, which is also emblematic for the many clashes through Globalism today.

Piroshka’s ideal is, to keep traditional regional textile handicrafts alive and encourage cooperations with traditional manifacturers and folk artists. Furthermore enhance regional production for sustainable and economic reasons.
Combining east European tradition and folklore with urban fashion, thus resulting a new context, will attract new market and furthermore stimulate cultural dialogue.