Piroshka's world

In Piroshka, past and future, tradition and modernization, regionalism and globalism fusiones into one entity. Under her hands, the repertoire of traditional hungarian folk art and costumes becomes alive and can become fashion. Read more...

Piroshka’s ideal is, to keep traditional regional textile handicrafts and folk art  alive and encourage cooperations with traditional manufacturers and folk artists. Furthermore enhance regional production for sustainable and economic reasons.
Combining east European tradition and folklore with urban fashion, thus resulting a new context, will attract new market and furthermore stimulate cultural dialogue.

Once upon a time…?

There is a girl called Piroshka, that grew up in happy childhood in a little village in a little country, raised by her grandmother. In the trails of the riverside jungle she could live out her desire for adventures, not imagining, that one day she would get from here to a vibrating cosmopolitan metropolis, full of fairy tail like sensations and colors. In midst of these honey sweet temptations she buoyantly tasted the many many flavors and forms, melting in more and more.